Survival Fashion

Welcome to this year’s fashion show. Our 2021 fashion show theme for walk it out fashion show is “Survival”. We are presenting loungewear, Streetwear, and Vintage fashion this year.


Loungewear is one of the most trending fashions in today’s time as work from home has become the new normal and there is nothing that is cozy and stylish at the same time as loungewear. We are bringing loungewear fashion and stepping the game up.


Streatwear is a big fashion statement!

Streetwear fashion has been in trend for a long time. Major celebrities, especially in the music industry always create influential looks when it comes to streetwear. It is vibrant, colorful, funky, and desirable by today’s generation a lot. We are enlightening our show with some streetwear fashion this year.


Vintage and fashion in 1800-1900 keep coming back. There is always something or many things we keep learning or taking from fashion back in the days, whether it’s the color mood, textures, accessories, styling techniques, silhouettes in fashion, etc. We will have a touch of vintage in our Survival fashion show.

Who Will Run The Show!

Like every year, this year “The Survival Fashion show 2021” will be taken forward by the Fashion, Arts, and Business students of Humber College that will be facilitated by the faculty members of Humber College, Roger Gingerich. Roger is also the CEO of the Canadian International Fashion Film Festival and board of directors at the Commonwealth fashion. Previous year fashion shows were all done by the Program Coordinator, Jennifer Reitano. The whole show from designing, modeling, and performing with be done by the fashion students. This will be done completely on virtual terms via social media platforms.